Ancillary Mold Devices

Century Die designs and builds the downstream tooling and machines that produce your blow-molded products giving you repetitive quality, and lower cost to you the customer. At Century Die, we have the capabilities to meet your on-time needs with consistent quality.

Complete Trim Tool / De-Flash Packages

  • Feed Screws
  • Augers
  • Urethane Buckets
  • Bucket Chains
  • Spin Trim / Reamer Nests
  • Numerous Trim Knife Configurations
  • Filler Capper Tooling

Checking and Inspecting Fixtures

  • Leak Detection Components
ancillary mold

Trim Tool Building Experience:

  • Horizontal Actuation
    • R&B
    • Lectro
    • MTM
    • Akei
    • Uniloy
    • Autotec
    • Proco
  • Vertical Actuation
    • Graham
    • Lyle
    • Autotec
    • Uniloy
  • Reamer Stations
    • Mueller
    • Autotec
    • R&B
    • Uniloy
    • Lyle
Ancillary Mold

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