Blow Molds

Century Die designs and fabricates the high-quality tooling needed for your blow-molded applications. Thus giving you better results, higher quality, and lower costs. At Century Die, we have the capabilities to meet your needs on-time with consistency.

Wheel Machine Blow Molds:

  • Graham
  • Wilmington
  • R&B
  • Uniloy
  • Other Custom Machinery

Shuttle Blow Molds:

  • Graham Hesta
  • Akei
  • Bekum
  • Uniloy
  • Automa Republic
  • Sig

Injection Blow Molds/Injection Stretch Blow Molds:

  • Uniloy
  • Jomar
  • PetAll
  • Wheaton

Reciprocating Machines:

  • Uniloy
  • Baker
  • Liberty
  • Plus Various Accumulator Head Machines
Blow Mold


We have designed and manufactured tooling for customers producing household products such as Coolers, Tool cases, Mailbox Posts & Playground Boarders, Automotive components including Fuel tanks, Spoilers and ductwork, non-automotive fuel tanks for ATV, Snowmobile and lawn & garden.

Blow Mold
Blow Mold

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